Wildlife of Bangladesh: Checklist and Guide

By: Mohammad Ali Reza Khan

The Wildlife of Bangladesh: Checklist and Guide is the new edition of a book that was published in 1982 as the foremost and most comprehensive collection of wildlife of Bangladesh with not just names, but field-illustrations and photographs, and details of animals. It has been of utmost benefit to academics, researchers, students, policy-makers and other stakeholders. In its third decade, this new edition includes almost all species of amphibians. reptilians, birds and mammals known to exist in Bangladesh. This includes 63 amphibians, 174 reptiles, 711 birds, and 133 mammals. Alongside the list of wildlife, this book also contains the Bengali names of animals, with special attention to their physical characteristics, in order to help users with field identification. Overall, 240 additional species have been included in this new list.

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